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  • The decks, flat cars and trailer kits do not include pins or hitches. This enables the customer to use any method desired.
  • Pins UNS Method 1: Drill a 5/64 inch hole (see part A-840) about 3/16 inch from the front of the trailer. Glue a 1/16 inch rod (part A-839) into the hole to stick out about 1/8 inch.
  • Pins UNS Method 2: Purchase part A-826 and glue these pins onto the trailer. The hitches will accept these pins to secure the trailer onto the car.
  • Type A hitches (part A-831) were produced starting in 1956. Type 2 hitches (part A-832) were produced starting in 1961.
  • Hitches are added to the cars to take 1, 2 or 3 trailers depending on the length of the car and the trailers.
  • Hitches can be attached with glue or with two-sided tape.
  • Prior to the production of hitches, trailers were tied down. Some railroads used frames (part A-820) to attach the front of the cars to the deck.

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Our kits are unpainted resin castings containing small parts and are breakable.
Please keep all UNS parts away from small children.

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Kit No. Description Price Image Buy
A-804 Original UNS triangle stanchions (8 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-820 Rack used to tie down front of trailers (8 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-821 Original UNS ramps for flat cars (4 pairs per package) $7.00 Photo
A-822 New style ramps used on models 111 to 116 (4 pairs per package) $7.00 Photo
A-826 Pins to attach trailer to hitch (8 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-830 New UNS triangle stanchions (4 pairs per package) $7.00 Photo
A-831 Type A hitch in down position (4 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-832 Type 2 hitch in down position (4 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-837 Spare tire for under trailer (8 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-838 Under trailer refrigeration unit (4 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-839 1/16 inch rods about 3 inches long to use for pins (8 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-840 5/64 inch twist bit to drill holes for pins (4 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-841 3-piece assembly Type A hitch in up position (2 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-842 3-piece assembly Type 2 hitch in up position (2 per package) $7.00 Photo
A-843 Under trailer tank for refrigerator fuel (4 per package) $7.00 Photo