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Ultimate N Scale was founded by Chuck Short and based in California. In the summer of 2002, all rights and company name were purchased by David Dougherty who has been in the hobby field since 1973 as owner of Panzerschiffe (1/2400 scale model ships). This catalog presents the new Ultimate-N-Scale line of N gauge products. We offers kits of all kinds of trailer-on-flatcar equipment, n scale trailers, n scale tractors, n scale trucks, n scale decks, unique 75' n scale flatcars, n scale buses, loads, and conversion parts plus other N scale items used from the thirties through the eighties. All of our products are authentic models of real historic vehicles. The Ultimate N Scale system is designed for trailer-on-flatcar (piggyback) freight service on N gauge railroads. The original focus was piggy back trailers and flatcars for the 40's, 50's and 60's. We have added other vehicles and items for more modern periods.

These are resin castings which are ideal for piggy back (TOFC) use because the weight is just right to avoid ultra-heavy loads common with metal castings. All kit assemblies require only a moderate skill level. All pieces need to be washed in warm soapy water to remove the parting agent. Many parts will require some the removal of flash. Also, the bottom of the original UNS parts will need to be sanded flat. All hobby paints will work well on them.

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Four digit kit numbers are original Ultimate-N-Scale items that will be sold only while current supplies last. Since these products are so unique, we believe they will become collector items. Two and three digit kit numbers are new or upgraded kits. New and upgraded kits have separately molded wheels, bumpers, stanchions, tanks, spare tires, etc. for making customized trailers. The wheel sets are compatible with commercial TOFC cars and UNS cars. Deck, flatcar and trailer kits do not include pins or hitches. This enables the customer to use any method desired.

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Our kits are unpainted resin castings containing small parts and are breakable.
Please keep all UNS parts away from small children.