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  • Flatcar kits come as under frame and deck with ramps for each end and brass stirrups.
  • Flatcar kits do not include trucks or couplers.
  • The flatcars are weighted for optimum performance in TOFC trains with UNS trailers.
  • Starting in 1959, 85' flatcars were built. However, the 75' cars lasted into the 90's.
  • The 75' cars were designed for two (2) 35' trailers or three (3) 20' to 24' trailers.
  • Deck, flatcar and trailer kits do not include pins or hitches. This enables the customer to use any method desired.

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Our kits are unpainted resin castings containing small parts and are breakable.
Please keep all UNS parts away from small children.

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B-103 50' TOFC deck without hitches, 1955+, 55# siderails; WM,B&O,C&O,SF,CN,CP,NH,MILW,ERIE & other railroads $8.00 Photo
B-104 50' TOFC deck with hitches, 1957+, 55# side and hitch rails; WM,B&O,C&O,SF,CN,CP,NH,MILW,ERIE & others $8.00 Photo
B-105 50' TOFC deck with hitches, 1957+, generic deck; TrailerTrain and many other railroads $8.00 Photo